Sunday, 12 February 2012

"We are hip?!"

  • Why is it hip to whip out an inhaler as you wud a handkerchief

  • To eat this and not that because.. “you know I’ve got ulcer!”

  • Since when has it been hip and mandatory to swallow ‘food’ with beverages- generation of ‘coking’ (before n after)

  • To brag about exploits involving physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual rape?

  • When did it all become hip okay and just there for a woman to marry a woman and vice versa

  • Was it yesterday that they started telling kids- your parents are a nuisance and you can do and be anything you want (by ‘anything’ of course they mean- a slut, pimp, thief, sloth, leech, etc)

  • Setting the volume high in a vehicle with multiple speakers and a woofer as you ‘cruise’ in town seated in an obnoxious pose as if you’ve got hemorrhoids - hip!?

  • Remember the days you couldn’t get a ‘cool’ girl because you didn’t smoke a cigarette? I do- they liked em bad!? Now its flavored smoke- shisha. *smh*

  • They say bullying ends in elementary and highschool. Forgetting that in certain circles of hipness it’s a hobby and routine to oppress physically or verbally, daily!

  • So what if you could do ‘stunts’ that damage the vehicle your parents bought you (they seem to buy u everything don’t they). No wonder there are cars aptly named thank-you-daddy.

  • Girls wearing nothing but designer shades and fake body parts- in the name of vogue and bandwagons? Hip?!

  • Their counter-parts sporting ridiculous haircuts, sagging skinny jeans, and fruity shoes- their ‘straight’ alright and…erm… hip?!?

  • When did it become a must for every cell in ones body to conform to the norms of modern day tech, fashion, and diet slavery?

  • ‘Funky’ ‘Kinky’ ‘Sexy’ are all hip. Anythingelse… is…' just there'?!

  • My twitter handle- hip. Facebook name- hip. BB pm n pic- hip. 
             Life- *long silence*  
               I’LL WAIT!!

Seems like we’ve been concentrating on the hips and the hips not. So much so that our hearts have withered. Brains? Kids of nowadays are born without them!

Afterall… they are hip!


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