Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Neighbourly Owl

Tic toc Five
The sun waves bye
He’s arrive!

Lift his arm(s)
not hug you
but shrug you!
Oh the alarm!

How appalling!?

He’d raise his hand
not caress you
cause unrest, harass you!?
Me, bland!

How atrocious!?


Transcribe my fury prayers
Let them be heard- me, helpless beholder.


Afternoon ‘laughters’ interpose sweet sweet dreams
but your nightly cries, the screams
Oh! My waking nightmares.
Is there no egress for this steam!?

He’s robbed of me a piece of peace yet again!?

How vile!?

I’ve not hands,( tied)
Yet feet, ossified!
Birthing the best worst view
Along with a wail, cry and hue

Hoot! TOOT! Hoot!

Too passionate to be helpless.
Label thee nocturnal Sisyphus.

If only I were migratory?!


How dire, his ire
spits you blazing fire

If only He spoke Owl. He would flee

Come to me so you perspire
an escape from mire

“heut beaut heut”
If only YOU understood Owl. You’d come--  fly away me.


All I could do is “hoot hoot hoot”
Furtively. Furiously. Figuratively

Hoping I reroute him, and soothe
your ‘distraught agony’
an ephemeral hegira, such melancholy
so I hoot toot hoot 


Gaze upon my dwelling
now eclipsed by your twin
beaming, from heaven’s ceiling
bestowing vision akin to Odin
Were I fit a Paladin
His well will run dry
You, will be mine

For now…

I, hoot and toot (of a brute)
You, daze & gaze (always).
Such is ours-
A looming routine.
A hurtful maze.

After all…
I'm just a neighbourly owl….(in love hate love)
Doth thou amaze?!

© I A Saeed 26 06 2009 BT

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