Sunday, 26 February 2012



My procrastination is in a league of its own.
I wonder… “How did I end up this zone?”

I procrastinate about sleeping, call it insomnia
Procrastinate about waking up and call it dysnia

Don’t research/read much- *points index finger* google, wiki, and encyclopedia
Can't put down that gadget and pick up a book- ah curse objectophilia!!

Don’t eat much, I'm not lazy, tis till I’m hungry. Maybe tis that anorexia
Some days, I binge, not diet. I'm no glutton or anything- it’s silly silly bulimia

Late night bottle of water, hiss (thought of the urinal), I’m not a sloth- dysuria?!
The gym? Oh that! I alternate days in nonuniform pattern- *peers reflection* “hmmm hello dystropia”

Hospitals? Despise them… Don’t judge me just yet-
I’m just keeping tabs on my hypochondria

My face and hair are a mess- but guess what? I’ve added 'megalo' to my mania.
In case you're wondering... No! I don’t suffer from MPD or dementia (yet)

Just doused in ‘I-need-to-get-a-life-ia’
Or am I forever drowning is this hereparanoia

Is this how one builds his utopia?
Or is this how one ‘racks up’ a dystopia?

Remind me.
What are we talking about?
Don’t tell me that I’ve just been hit with that I’m-ne-sia!!?

I remember.
Twas “Procrastination-induced paranoia”

(Or is it vice versa?)

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© I A Saeed 02.2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

¿our times?

¿our times?

Why is it we've more words than they, back in the day.
Yet we say the least, write even nay.

Every and all is now broken, ebonics, and acronyms
What happened to stoics and grammar mimicking angelic hymns

Why do we seek and covet 'lessening' devices
Yet we lessen naught and end up in vices

We’re so obsessed with time
Whilst all we do is squander it— ALL the time

They say we are more 'connected' than ever in history
Pray thee, please do tell, why bad feeling about this story

Connected to whom, where, for how long, and to what end?
Seems more of dis-connected from reality and down with virtuality—  how do we append?

More fabrics and polymers in different forms and 'sizes'
Yet we dress a size too less and shape all flaw—  for 'eyes'

More recipes. Crops. Hybrid and pure.
Who would believe some drop to eat manure!!?

More schools. Dorms. Libraries. And halls
Yet ignorance is more abound than drops in waterfalls

More partners—  choices
Less smarter—  inner voices

More begets less
and less begets more
Less is less thus tis more (than enough)

Or is it
Less is less and that makes it of more (value).

If I were asked to describe this tense and time

I would term it "Less and less for less in time".
Or simply
"The Illusion of more and forever more (in due time)".

Better yet
why not just
"Our time(s)"?

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© I A Saeed 30.12.11 2:55pm

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tense in Time

             Fast forward.

Aint it funny...

Nature’s irony

How Future becomes Past

As Past struggles to be recognised Present 


Present now anxious for continuity Present-continuous!

But upon reaching there its sights are back (to the) Future

…which is already (now) Past?!!?

Is it funny that Past is Future?

(*long silence*)

The future ‘present-ing’ the past

The past ‘present-ing’ the future

The perpetual loop. Nature’s irony.

 © I A Saeed 25.12.2011

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

crème de cacao

crème de cacao


Of black woman with stubborn eyes
callous brows

Mocha creme iris
Vortical pupils

Point I, a Nubian goddess
with stern prowess

A de facto air
and an aubade wink

Endow me soiled golden honey
rife with comb

Mother I’d call “baby”
fraught with womb

Ebony chatelaine
Reign my mane

Crowned with ivory smirk
to eschew the outré

Her sip, verily forbidden
Ergo, temptation- true Son of Adam

“come to me!”
beckons my chalice~~~ Crème de Cacao

© I A Saeed 01.2012 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

"We are hip?!"

  • Why is it hip to whip out an inhaler as you wud a handkerchief

  • To eat this and not that because.. “you know I’ve got ulcer!”

  • Since when has it been hip and mandatory to swallow ‘food’ with beverages- generation of ‘coking’ (before n after)

  • To brag about exploits involving physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual rape?

  • When did it all become hip okay and just there for a woman to marry a woman and vice versa

  • Was it yesterday that they started telling kids- your parents are a nuisance and you can do and be anything you want (by ‘anything’ of course they mean- a slut, pimp, thief, sloth, leech, etc)

  • Setting the volume high in a vehicle with multiple speakers and a woofer as you ‘cruise’ in town seated in an obnoxious pose as if you’ve got hemorrhoids - hip!?

  • Remember the days you couldn’t get a ‘cool’ girl because you didn’t smoke a cigarette? I do- they liked em bad!? Now its flavored smoke- shisha. *smh*

  • They say bullying ends in elementary and highschool. Forgetting that in certain circles of hipness it’s a hobby and routine to oppress physically or verbally, daily!

  • So what if you could do ‘stunts’ that damage the vehicle your parents bought you (they seem to buy u everything don’t they). No wonder there are cars aptly named thank-you-daddy.

  • Girls wearing nothing but designer shades and fake body parts- in the name of vogue and bandwagons? Hip?!

  • Their counter-parts sporting ridiculous haircuts, sagging skinny jeans, and fruity shoes- their ‘straight’ alright and…erm… hip?!?

  • When did it become a must for every cell in ones body to conform to the norms of modern day tech, fashion, and diet slavery?

  • ‘Funky’ ‘Kinky’ ‘Sexy’ are all hip. Anythingelse… is…' just there'?!

  • My twitter handle- hip. Facebook name- hip. BB pm n pic- hip. 
             Life- *long silence*  
               I’LL WAIT!!

Seems like we’ve been concentrating on the hips and the hips not. So much so that our hearts have withered. Brains? Kids of nowadays are born without them!

Afterall… they are hip!


Thursday, 9 February 2012

As with most men...

As with most men,
I'm only strong when there's a need.

The other times we're weak.
Weakest as can be.

But most men can’t handle ‘weakness’.
Thus they create the need.

Thence our sorry state.
Oppression which begets a duo of Attention & Fear.
Subjugation- ‘Respect’!?
Humiliation- Conceit.
Segregation- Elitism
Capitalism- ‘Charity’
Cabal (Politics & Monarchy)- all the above in totality!

As with most men... We have voids to fill.
It doesn’t matter how we desecrate Earth as we till.
We never stop until we get our fill.

Albeit, a bottomless vase is what we clinch.
Thus we guilty as sin.
Putting every all in dire pinch.

All borne out of our 'meek' weak need.

We are men??!

Within me, resides a little boy in awe of what has become of men.
An effigy he once looked forward to becoming!?

Poor lil boy. Poor lil me.

© I A Saeed  04.02.2012

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Neighbourly Owl

Tic toc Five
The sun waves bye
He’s arrive!

Lift his arm(s)
not hug you
but shrug you!
Oh the alarm!

How appalling!?

He’d raise his hand
not caress you
cause unrest, harass you!?
Me, bland!

How atrocious!?


Transcribe my fury prayers
Let them be heard- me, helpless beholder.


Afternoon ‘laughters’ interpose sweet sweet dreams
but your nightly cries, the screams
Oh! My waking nightmares.
Is there no egress for this steam!?

He’s robbed of me a piece of peace yet again!?

How vile!?

I’ve not hands,( tied)
Yet feet, ossified!
Birthing the best worst view
Along with a wail, cry and hue

Hoot! TOOT! Hoot!

Too passionate to be helpless.
Label thee nocturnal Sisyphus.

If only I were migratory?!


How dire, his ire
spits you blazing fire

If only He spoke Owl. He would flee

Come to me so you perspire
an escape from mire

“heut beaut heut”
If only YOU understood Owl. You’d come--  fly away me.


All I could do is “hoot hoot hoot”
Furtively. Furiously. Figuratively

Hoping I reroute him, and soothe
your ‘distraught agony’
an ephemeral hegira, such melancholy
so I hoot toot hoot 


Gaze upon my dwelling
now eclipsed by your twin
beaming, from heaven’s ceiling
bestowing vision akin to Odin
Were I fit a Paladin
His well will run dry
You, will be mine

For now…

I, hoot and toot (of a brute)
You, daze & gaze (always).
Such is ours-
A looming routine.
A hurtful maze.

After all…
I'm just a neighbourly owl….(in love hate love)
Doth thou amaze?!

© I A Saeed 26 06 2009 BT