Saturday, 9 June 2012


Who what when is a man?
When is a man truly a man?
What qualifies as a man?
Who is worthy to be called man?
Where do you find this man?
How do you know...
It is a man?

Ponder with me now...

What makes man,

Is it his full length of phallus
other features of his anatomy

In bearing strength, a face so callous
or being subtle, acting solemnly

Is it enough he answers “O Son of Adam”
or must he uphold tenacity down to every atom?

Depth & width of his conviction(s)
Height & weight of his ambition(s)

Veiling behind every other -ist
or denouncing each and every -ism

His endless toils, though Sisyphean
Or grounding his Achilles (obdurately) remaining Herculean

His wits and cunning in dealing, fear
His definition of valor ever keeping it dear

In dueling Atlas, burden bear
Mimicking nymph as a Nomad- bare

What makes man,

His ‘unfleshy’ gluttony
or dieting in greenery

What makes man

His nomadic untameness
or his meek carelessness

What relates man,

His bark. His growl. His angry teeth.
Or his submissive woof as if he just teethe

What makes man,

Numbness to all that's about and abound
or observing, not carking--- ignorance-bound

When is man

In acting out a monkey
or believing Darwinist ‘baboonery’’

What makes man

Feats of the supernatural
or giving soooo much hope, it’s just unnatural

When is man,

Being an advocate of fascism,
without skidding towards racism
A pontificator for socialism,
without forsaking pacifism

What makes a man
a Gentleman?
Is it how he loves in glove,
till he gets the permissory nod
In truth and good,
‘as if’ watched from up above

In holding his ale, steady to table
or his inhibitions, remaining stable

His unbrazen bluntness
or his etiquette & its insipidness

How he treats his moms'
or feats of catching bombs ;-)

What makes man,
Lover ‘man’

His surreptitious romanticism
Or boisterous mannerism

Smothering and holding,
love all so tightly
Or letting it flutter and saunter,
taking it tad lightly

What makes man,

Possessing tacit diplomacy
or tactics & bureaucracy

His buoyant self sufficiency
or selfless acts done for all to see

Where does the hood,
lie in man(hood)

In his benevolence by dint of fatherhood
or stalwartness, anchoring  brotherhood

What makes man,

Is it in not seeking anything akin to perfection
or going about his affairs with hints of dereliction

What about a man
with 'Iman'?
................(do me the honours)

Art thou o’ men
the world (women/men alike) says AAAA-MAN
I mean A-MEN to!?


('Iman'- Arabic for 'Faith')

© I A Saeed 2011

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Footstrong! (Sataric Moon)

Many before have laid eyes on the moon
Worshipped it.

Followed it.
Thinking it was following them.

Many before me have paid it tribute.
A poem. A painting. A song. A joke. Or an anecdote.

But I’ll have you know 'kind' sir...
That none before thou has made it realize its 'living'.

None has set foot IN it.

Emboss a smiley with a wink on it.

Taketh and giveth pleasure.
Resulting in a squirmy smirk.
Unto and to.
For even now if you finally lay what in your awkwardness you call a siege.
You will forever see my footsteps and a flag bearing my smiley wink and smug smirk.

Cuz yes!
In case you've still not figured it out and need an ABC...
It's ME you 'think' you saw as all eclipsed.
I AM the first to land on the moon.
And boy did it swoon!

Sunday, 11 March 2012


I dreamt this dream.
A tricky trick dream
of a tricky trick Genie...

The wishes he offered
were all but meant to confuse... to trick... to elude me...

But I (Warri boy, Urs truly, *smirks*) held my ground.

He said he'd give me 3 wishes and that I was free to select my answers ‘randomly’ (that’s where I knew him wan job me)

He goes- "what do u want to see?"
I said... "...."

He asks again- "what do u want to feel?"
I said...

"What do u want to be?"
I said...

By the time I was done his eyebrows nearly fell off and he almost chewed off his lips!!


Why was he angry?
What was his trick?
OMG! Have I picked beef with the supernatural?

Or is there a catch that hadn't yet hatch?

I summon the courage and ask him...  
“What’s the matter Ya-Sahibul-kettle (companion/resident of the lamp)?”

He shudders and goes “you my friend are by far one of the most stalwart, sprung, and love-lashed smart asses around!!”

*puzzled look on my face (with a hidden smirk and a tinge of blush...nigga-blush of course*

“How so?”

“Your answers/wishes my dear lad your answers/wishes!!”

To which I smiled cuz I’ve now confidently proved my hunch!!

I'm sure you have questions and ample kuriosity... Imma just let you ride on it for now... :-D

Or tell u…

His pattern of 'wish-granting' had a hidden meaning and key to it.

Instead of giving you one wish.
He would give you 3 sub-wishes!

To get anyone granted you'd have to concisely yet sincerely, and if possible, passionately describe ONE major wish in 3 sub-wishes.


What did I wish for?


Now time to wake up from this dream this mirage this subconscious illusion…
And pray to my Lord Allah up above to grant me infinite wishes, prayers, and hopes cuz even though He sees and knows all, He loves the servant that seeks from Him and only Him incessantly. (Quran)

For with Him there's no catch
or a sleepy plot to hatch
you just pray and firmly watch
as our dear Allah does the dispatch

Ya Allah... AMEEN!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Twas a fluke
stumbled upon

lukewarm and

nudge the budge, i did
fell for the moment of release

with a palm for balance
and later two for supplicance

lukewarm fluke
tapeworm unease

© I A Saeed 02.2012

Sunday, 26 February 2012



My procrastination is in a league of its own.
I wonder… “How did I end up this zone?”

I procrastinate about sleeping, call it insomnia
Procrastinate about waking up and call it dysnia

Don’t research/read much- *points index finger* google, wiki, and encyclopedia
Can't put down that gadget and pick up a book- ah curse objectophilia!!

Don’t eat much, I'm not lazy, tis till I’m hungry. Maybe tis that anorexia
Some days, I binge, not diet. I'm no glutton or anything- it’s silly silly bulimia

Late night bottle of water, hiss (thought of the urinal), I’m not a sloth- dysuria?!
The gym? Oh that! I alternate days in nonuniform pattern- *peers reflection* “hmmm hello dystropia”

Hospitals? Despise them… Don’t judge me just yet-
I’m just keeping tabs on my hypochondria

My face and hair are a mess- but guess what? I’ve added 'megalo' to my mania.
In case you're wondering... No! I don’t suffer from MPD or dementia (yet)

Just doused in ‘I-need-to-get-a-life-ia’
Or am I forever drowning is this hereparanoia

Is this how one builds his utopia?
Or is this how one ‘racks up’ a dystopia?

Remind me.
What are we talking about?
Don’t tell me that I’ve just been hit with that I’m-ne-sia!!?

I remember.
Twas “Procrastination-induced paranoia”

(Or is it vice versa?)

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© I A Saeed 02.2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

¿our times?

¿our times?

Why is it we've more words than they, back in the day.
Yet we say the least, write even nay.

Every and all is now broken, ebonics, and acronyms
What happened to stoics and grammar mimicking angelic hymns

Why do we seek and covet 'lessening' devices
Yet we lessen naught and end up in vices

We’re so obsessed with time
Whilst all we do is squander it— ALL the time

They say we are more 'connected' than ever in history
Pray thee, please do tell, why bad feeling about this story

Connected to whom, where, for how long, and to what end?
Seems more of dis-connected from reality and down with virtuality—  how do we append?

More fabrics and polymers in different forms and 'sizes'
Yet we dress a size too less and shape all flaw—  for 'eyes'

More recipes. Crops. Hybrid and pure.
Who would believe some drop to eat manure!!?

More schools. Dorms. Libraries. And halls
Yet ignorance is more abound than drops in waterfalls

More partners—  choices
Less smarter—  inner voices

More begets less
and less begets more
Less is less thus tis more (than enough)

Or is it
Less is less and that makes it of more (value).

If I were asked to describe this tense and time

I would term it "Less and less for less in time".
Or simply
"The Illusion of more and forever more (in due time)".

Better yet
why not just
"Our time(s)"?

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© I A Saeed 30.12.11 2:55pm

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tense in Time

             Fast forward.

Aint it funny...

Nature’s irony

How Future becomes Past

As Past struggles to be recognised Present 


Present now anxious for continuity Present-continuous!

But upon reaching there its sights are back (to the) Future

…which is already (now) Past?!!?

Is it funny that Past is Future?

(*long silence*)

The future ‘present-ing’ the past

The past ‘present-ing’ the future

The perpetual loop. Nature’s irony.

 © I A Saeed 25.12.2011