Saturday, 9 June 2012


Who what when is a man?
When is a man truly a man?
What qualifies as a man?
Who is worthy to be called man?
Where do you find this man?
How do you know...
It is a man?

Ponder with me now...

What makes man,

Is it his full length of phallus
other features of his anatomy

In bearing strength, a face so callous
or being subtle, acting solemnly

Is it enough he answers “O Son of Adam”
or must he uphold tenacity down to every atom?

Depth & width of his conviction(s)
Height & weight of his ambition(s)

Veiling behind every other -ist
or denouncing each and every -ism

His endless toils, though Sisyphean
Or grounding his Achilles (obdurately) remaining Herculean

His wits and cunning in dealing, fear
His definition of valor ever keeping it dear

In dueling Atlas, burden bear
Mimicking nymph as a Nomad- bare

What makes man,

His ‘unfleshy’ gluttony
or dieting in greenery

What makes man

His nomadic untameness
or his meek carelessness

What relates man,

His bark. His growl. His angry teeth.
Or his submissive woof as if he just teethe

What makes man,

Numbness to all that's about and abound
or observing, not carking--- ignorance-bound

When is man

In acting out a monkey
or believing Darwinist ‘baboonery’’

What makes man

Feats of the supernatural
or giving soooo much hope, it’s just unnatural

When is man,

Being an advocate of fascism,
without skidding towards racism
A pontificator for socialism,
without forsaking pacifism

What makes a man
a Gentleman?
Is it how he loves in glove,
till he gets the permissory nod
In truth and good,
‘as if’ watched from up above

In holding his ale, steady to table
or his inhibitions, remaining stable

His unbrazen bluntness
or his etiquette & its insipidness

How he treats his moms'
or feats of catching bombs ;-)

What makes man,
Lover ‘man’

His surreptitious romanticism
Or boisterous mannerism

Smothering and holding,
love all so tightly
Or letting it flutter and saunter,
taking it tad lightly

What makes man,

Possessing tacit diplomacy
or tactics & bureaucracy

His buoyant self sufficiency
or selfless acts done for all to see

Where does the hood,
lie in man(hood)

In his benevolence by dint of fatherhood
or stalwartness, anchoring  brotherhood

What makes man,

Is it in not seeking anything akin to perfection
or going about his affairs with hints of dereliction

What about a man
with 'Iman'?
................(do me the honours)

Art thou o’ men
the world (women/men alike) says AAAA-MAN
I mean A-MEN to!?


('Iman'- Arabic for 'Faith')

© I A Saeed 2011

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