Thursday, 31 March 2011

From a folder in my sys named... "Make sense"

This would go in line with a conspiracy theory (if u are as paranoid as a squirrel on caffeinated crack i.e)…

For a long time now I’ve subconsciously assessed how the media makes a taboo acceptable, congenial, and surely amicable.

A common African proverb says

“…when a taboo has been committed for too long it becomes a tradition.”

A well-blended cocktail of malevolent humor and fruitless laughter is a hell of a potent way of transforming an unthinkable taboo, into an amiable tradition.

All that is needed is a subtle way of slowly but surely, making it seem 'silly', then funny, then cliché.


At this point in time he who questions/criticizes 'it' becomes the uncouth cynosure. An oddity. An obstruction an –ist of an –ism.

For example… homosexuality, nudity, vulgarity/profanity, bigotry, adultery, -ty –ty –ty -ty sexual exploitation, prostitution, morals, pregnancies, child care and support- parenting, abortions, laissez faire attitude, respect for society and elders, complexes (inferiority and otherwise), racism, ism ism ism ism...

All it takes is an award winning 'broke-back' plot

Amplified jokes and display of an adult’s butt on tv and in mags… even games!? (Don’t get me started on the stuff in games nowadays… uhh!)

All sortsa profanity irrespective of setting, context, or genre
Kids who be like... "Fuck u dad, hate you!" (dont u think that affects our upcoming generation and to-be borns?)

The extent and abstruseness of decadence and demoralization is just…. just… uhhhhhuhh!!

Things get so messed up a 12yr old boy starts thinking…. “I must be gay/emo/tabooy/etc?!”

Why you ask?

Cuz for starters he gets cold feet talking to girls and flees with his tail between his legs not knowing everyone before and after that age suffers from the very same problem (hell! I know dudes with that issue to date- no names…. YET! :p).

It’s called a phase of life in toto. But no one ever told him… who has the time anyone? What method do they employ?

Well… the media does it for them then… from cartoons to movies to games to mags and comics… and definitely social networking sites!


Now that u think about it… Perhaps that’s why the poor bastard couldn’t actually ‘speak’ to any girl at all. He can poke her though, write on her wall, chat with her, tag her, LOL with her, tweeeeet her with all his 140…??!! But he's never processed the thought of DOING anything in real life.

Same thing for a girl. She ends up becomes a bitter lesbo or an emo with bloodshot eyes and dark patches under her eyes. In the African context… she would prolly have ulcer, chest pain, back pain, pain pain, do drugs BUT won’t kill herself (na warri gurl now)… her body will kill itself for her.

Her favourite phrase wud be…
“nobody really gets me…"

*hissing and smdh*

I’m saying not anything about this? Who get her time self!?

*Breaking the barrier/threshold*

Over time we’ve learnt to laugh at taboo things, cuz trust me they (the occult media) go alllll out on their scripts, screenplays and set ups to make sure even the grim reaper starts chuckling in a second….

The aftermath ,of course, is that...
what you used to abhorrently despise and criticize becomes
just a thing u hiss at,
twitch your lips at,
go “hmmm!” at,
shake your head at
and next thing u know… UR LAUGHING?!?

Not only has it becomes acceptable to ur mindset as “one those things” its become appeasing. A thing you too can now jokingly say or do without making anyone raise an eyebrow give you my signature WTF-look!

HELL...! U may actually find yourself starting to associate people around you with such thoughts and even begin to liken them to this or that… 'one of those things'.


Worst case scenario… you are young, vulnerable, untaught, STRAIGHT, open-minded (open ajar not the u me open mindedness) and here comes this wave after wave after wave of subliminal neurolinguistic programming aimed only at beckoning you to what’s easier than being your-natural-born-and-blessed-self, a boy/girl (in his/her respective age group), a practicing believer of individual faith/religion, a person, not a zombie, with no time for self, no esteem, no morals, no principles, goals….. just “going with the flow” (dumb-ass zombie’s should seriously be banned from using this phrase too)

U get the gist dontchu…? Hope u haven't been 'laughing' and forgotten what this blog is about...

“…when a taboo has been committed for too long it becomes a tradition.”

I’m out!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Catch... G-r-e-n-a-d-e??!!

(my first blog... a topic i laugh about with her...)

Catching a grenade...

The last thing I am is crazy, demented, a pot/crack head, sadistic, or a sadomasochist with a thing for nymphomaniacs and dominatrices.

Eccentric? Yes.

Weird? Yes.


Now that we got that outta the way…


*deep breath*

Now I rant…

Thank God say my eyes are still 30/30, and senses of touch and smell de intact so that no girl go get any funny ideas and tell me say “baby/sweetheart/mumu… , hold/catch if u luv me.”

  • My IQ is soaring above average (thank u for rising that eyebrow... Dont hate appreciate! (my wowo readers it means intelligence quotient/measure of smattness. :p).
  • I'm street savvy (Area! Warri-boy don go school and enta class naaaaaa).
  • Self-proclaimed romantic of the century (ehemmm… say my name!).
  • A poet… (no worry.... I go post)
  • A faithful believer (ehen… u no believe? Who u sef?!).
  • Anddddddddd a NIGGA! (african at that, Nigerian to be precise! No be small thing)

Hmmm!! *smh*


I reject this Bruno Mars invented madness!

The nonsense now don become adjective wey our women around the world de carry describe her (mad) ‘ideal’ man... Try me! With these my koro-koro eyes wey don te wey dem tear which kind yeye maniac-suicidal-folly-filled-sadistic luv be this? My own luv na to live for wo! Open ur ears de hear. Shine ur see! Clear ur mind read!

Lets begin analyse the song fess...

Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live >>> ALLLL guys know say any woman that’s easy is just that. EASY! Not worth it. If u pursueam… at ur own risk.

Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give >>> how?! I go give u no givorocate, sorry, reciprocrate?! How!? This pseudo-oyinbo idiot sef!

Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss >>> ehnnn???

Had your eyes wide open, why were they open? >>>> mtwsssssss! See him logic! So what she open eye… u prolly weren’t doing it right mumu… or perhaps d cocaine induced halitosis lit her eyes WIDE open! Ps- me sef na open-eye I go de do…atleast that way u fit know ‘wassup’ nb- no question will be entertained regarding this matter.

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
>>> I don’t know bout u folks… but if something is ‘tossable’ that means it fits in the palm of hand and is quiet light enough to be flung by a feminine frame abi? Not only is he mumu, he is also a cheapskate be that… going around talkin about ‘all I had…’ WETIN U GET?! Crack anyone? :p

To give me all your love is all I ever asked >>> hmmm *smh*

'Cause what you don't understand is >>> him wan land wo (take cover!)…

I'd catch a grenade for ya >>> no comment
Throw my hand on a blade for ya
>>> checking out manicure
I'd jump in front of a train for ya >>> whistling
You know I'd do anything for ya >>>

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain >>> that’s the crack speaking… enough neural cataclysms

Yes, I would die for you, baby
>>> this must be the Esctasy flowin

But you won't do the same >>>> mtwssss! Bagger! U think say she kolo? The gal go school now! Abi na because of the blonde wig, abi na weave-on, wey she wear? BON!

No, no, no, no >>>> yes yes yes yes! She no go do! Not while she still has some good loving to give to sane male populace.

Black, black, black and blue, beat me 'til I'm numb
Tell the devil I said, hey, when you get back to where you're from
Mad women, bad women, that's just what you are, yeah
You'll smile in my face then rip the brakes out my car
>>>> as u can see with this last verse…. He’s completely lost it! No one can make sense of this mumble (but him of course… unfortunately he doesn’t get to explain)

C-r-a-c-k smile *click*

My fellow brethren... I carry god beg una, indulge my thinkin as I de thinkam de go… and help me ask the grenade-intendee/recipient...

"WHY on God's green earth, of allllllllllll the WMD's wey Bush no find for every other oil producing nation wud a grenade be a the choice explosive projectile (for wowo readers i go esplain later too much grammar, vocabulary, and political jargon here. No vex)?

I mean... Even in defeating Goliath... No be pebble David carry use knockam down KPAM! Game over! Kingdom change hands?

In Amistad... This guy, Cinque, no be stone him carry use kill lion. Ehn?

I de asssss una nowwww?

Which offense u commit sef wey dem go carry grenade trowee ur side? Dem curse u for house? Ur mama no like u? Abi na winch?

Me… I de do love but not with winch, criminal, gangster or terrorist. PERIOD! (see amebos! una no go hear who she be)

See their faces!! Wanting to deprive the world of sane damsels of our TLC (wowos that stands for Tender Love and Care)

Upon allllll the mass genocides in wars and invasions, natural disasters and disease wey de only attack testicles PLUS the present disasters and uprisings, forgetting the fact that they (the grenade pushers) are 6times our population these women still want to use 'juju/winching songs’ to further eradicate the adult male specie and deprive the sane few of our ‘logical loving’.

Can’t u see?!
Very soon it will be all XX and just a speck XY... (wowo? U still de read... U de try wo. Na chromosome i de talk- biology. Lolz. No vex abeg continue to de read. In fact follow this blog kawai!)

What I'd want to do for my woman is simple... LIVE!

Live to Love

Else allllllllllllllllllllllll the promise wey i promisam and d billion wey she wan confuse (not convince) me say i promisam, wont get delivered.

In fact am sure she no go allow me die in peace (no grenade-catching involved) or in pieces (yes grenade involvement)...

She'll see to it that I become Patalwa/Ghost to come fulfill d billion wey she wan confuse me believe say i promise using lines like...

“U no say death de affect memory...” (as if she die b4!)
“U promised me this that that this...” (na contract?)
“u said something about a lock combination…” (hmmmm!)

Till we hit a brickwall when she realises no one else can see or hear me except her…

Next thing u know- kolomental institute. lol.

But u see if I live ehn darling... Which I very well intend to...

I'll deliver d deliverable and do d doable and much more.
(wowo how u see this logic? I sure say before reading this, u for wan catch that nonsense grenade for Tolani abi Kande abi na Sikira be her name sef. Its okay. Read on!)

Cuz I'd rather find something worth dying for and strive, safeguard it and live for it; than catch a grenade at a whim. Why not hit d damn thing with a baseball bat or go Maradona on it perhaps it'll land on some suicidal emo bastard’s nuts after he’s just finished his note (common! even I have a heart... He gets to leave a message b4 him scatter now… along with the note i.e :-p)

What I've not tried to say even once is that...
I can die protecting u (and what comes forth from u)... cuz when u meet that kinda person... u never hesitate risking your life.

But… won’t change my skin color overnight, assimilate mulato genes, loose my sense and sensibility, do crack, write a crappy song bout death with no plausible cause then come charging towards u, just to be confronted by a grenade launcher and instantly turn Gary Carter like that, stretch hand (no glove self) and catch it…

Yet before she u even realize say na warri-boi nab d explosive for her… KaBOOM!! SpLiTcH! SpLAT! Chunk Chunk!! Splat!! Sizzle! Hisssssssss!!!

The *@$# wud probably just go

“OMG! Fireworks”
“but…whats that smell?”
“What did he eat b4…?”
“Oooh!! Disgusting!”

If ur lucky she'd notice a pattern from ur shirt (or whats left of it) and go “….hmmm that pattern looks familiar...oh well! Off to dry cleaners and a week at the spa.”

(wowo… how far? U still de? U try wo… spa na place wey ajebo de take baff, scrub, massaj and schill smoll just like u de take do for…..IDK!)


TITANIC (become a human icecream/popsicle so u cud move on and marry twice or thrice grow old have grandkids, then commit suicide cuz ur wrinkles are anchoring u to ur chair and u're as senile as can be.... CLASSIC! U die young, energetic and handsome. She dies wrinkled up, lethargic, and UGG)


ROMEO & JULIET (illiteracy meets double poison jeopardy with knifing inside the equations)

These oyinbo ppl sef!!??


So if i love... i must die?!?
(aint that too grim??)

Conclusion- the pseudo-man with stage name Bruno Mars was on crack when he wrote that song. So even though I don’t do crack Bruno... I UNDERSTAND!

But I don’t forgive u for causing wahala for us and our women.
Very soon if one’s mom hears this song she will start asking u to up the ante for her too, being ur mom and all. WAHALA! God forbid.
Think de thinking this way... If ur malle just comes at u with this 
"...i hear say men of nowadays na grenade dem de catsch for the women wey they love... WETIN U GO CATSCH FOR ME- YOUR MOTHER????" #dead

(wowo how u see forecasted implication? U de nod and sigh bah?!)

Notification and Disclaimer-women around d globe… heed!
WE (black ppl, Africans, naija men in paticular) NO DE CATSCH ANYTIN!

In the words of my cousin- “I no go kill snake for anyone talkless of catch that nonsense. Kai! Kasan gurrnaid kuwa?!” LMAOOOO!

Its all on a lighter note ppl. Peace (not pieces).

ps- for more twisted logic... click this LINK and tell us how u view A GRENADE afterwards. :D