Thursday, 31 March 2011

From a folder in my sys named... "Make sense"

This would go in line with a conspiracy theory (if u are as paranoid as a squirrel on caffeinated crack i.e)…

For a long time now I’ve subconsciously assessed how the media makes a taboo acceptable, congenial, and surely amicable.

A common African proverb says

“…when a taboo has been committed for too long it becomes a tradition.”

A well-blended cocktail of malevolent humor and fruitless laughter is a hell of a potent way of transforming an unthinkable taboo, into an amiable tradition.

All that is needed is a subtle way of slowly but surely, making it seem 'silly', then funny, then cliché.


At this point in time he who questions/criticizes 'it' becomes the uncouth cynosure. An oddity. An obstruction an –ist of an –ism.

For example… homosexuality, nudity, vulgarity/profanity, bigotry, adultery, -ty –ty –ty -ty sexual exploitation, prostitution, morals, pregnancies, child care and support- parenting, abortions, laissez faire attitude, respect for society and elders, complexes (inferiority and otherwise), racism, ism ism ism ism...

All it takes is an award winning 'broke-back' plot

Amplified jokes and display of an adult’s butt on tv and in mags… even games!? (Don’t get me started on the stuff in games nowadays… uhh!)

All sortsa profanity irrespective of setting, context, or genre
Kids who be like... "Fuck u dad, hate you!" (dont u think that affects our upcoming generation and to-be borns?)

The extent and abstruseness of decadence and demoralization is just…. just… uhhhhhuhh!!

Things get so messed up a 12yr old boy starts thinking…. “I must be gay/emo/tabooy/etc?!”

Why you ask?

Cuz for starters he gets cold feet talking to girls and flees with his tail between his legs not knowing everyone before and after that age suffers from the very same problem (hell! I know dudes with that issue to date- no names…. YET! :p).

It’s called a phase of life in toto. But no one ever told him… who has the time anyone? What method do they employ?

Well… the media does it for them then… from cartoons to movies to games to mags and comics… and definitely social networking sites!


Now that u think about it… Perhaps that’s why the poor bastard couldn’t actually ‘speak’ to any girl at all. He can poke her though, write on her wall, chat with her, tag her, LOL with her, tweeeeet her with all his 140…??!! But he's never processed the thought of DOING anything in real life.

Same thing for a girl. She ends up becomes a bitter lesbo or an emo with bloodshot eyes and dark patches under her eyes. In the African context… she would prolly have ulcer, chest pain, back pain, pain pain, do drugs BUT won’t kill herself (na warri gurl now)… her body will kill itself for her.

Her favourite phrase wud be…
“nobody really gets me…"

*hissing and smdh*

I’m saying not anything about this? Who get her time self!?

*Breaking the barrier/threshold*

Over time we’ve learnt to laugh at taboo things, cuz trust me they (the occult media) go alllll out on their scripts, screenplays and set ups to make sure even the grim reaper starts chuckling in a second….

The aftermath ,of course, is that...
what you used to abhorrently despise and criticize becomes
just a thing u hiss at,
twitch your lips at,
go “hmmm!” at,
shake your head at
and next thing u know… UR LAUGHING?!?

Not only has it becomes acceptable to ur mindset as “one those things” its become appeasing. A thing you too can now jokingly say or do without making anyone raise an eyebrow give you my signature WTF-look!

HELL...! U may actually find yourself starting to associate people around you with such thoughts and even begin to liken them to this or that… 'one of those things'.


Worst case scenario… you are young, vulnerable, untaught, STRAIGHT, open-minded (open ajar not the u me open mindedness) and here comes this wave after wave after wave of subliminal neurolinguistic programming aimed only at beckoning you to what’s easier than being your-natural-born-and-blessed-self, a boy/girl (in his/her respective age group), a practicing believer of individual faith/religion, a person, not a zombie, with no time for self, no esteem, no morals, no principles, goals….. just “going with the flow” (dumb-ass zombie’s should seriously be banned from using this phrase too)

U get the gist dontchu…? Hope u haven't been 'laughing' and forgotten what this blog is about...

“…when a taboo has been committed for too long it becomes a tradition.”

I’m out!

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