Saturday, 2 June 2012

Footstrong! (Sataric Moon)

Many before have laid eyes on the moon
Worshipped it.

Followed it.
Thinking it was following them.

Many before me have paid it tribute.
A poem. A painting. A song. A joke. Or an anecdote.

But I’ll have you know 'kind' sir...
That none before thou has made it realize its 'living'.

None has set foot IN it.

Emboss a smiley with a wink on it.

Taketh and giveth pleasure.
Resulting in a squirmy smirk.
Unto and to.
For even now if you finally lay what in your awkwardness you call a siege.
You will forever see my footsteps and a flag bearing my smiley wink and smug smirk.

Cuz yes!
In case you've still not figured it out and need an ABC...
It's ME you 'think' you saw as all eclipsed.
I AM the first to land on the moon.
And boy did it swoon!

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