Sunday, 11 March 2012


I dreamt this dream.
A tricky trick dream
of a tricky trick Genie...

The wishes he offered
were all but meant to confuse... to trick... to elude me...

But I (Warri boy, Urs truly, *smirks*) held my ground.

He said he'd give me 3 wishes and that I was free to select my answers ‘randomly’ (that’s where I knew him wan job me)

He goes- "what do u want to see?"
I said... "...."

He asks again- "what do u want to feel?"
I said...

"What do u want to be?"
I said...

By the time I was done his eyebrows nearly fell off and he almost chewed off his lips!!


Why was he angry?
What was his trick?
OMG! Have I picked beef with the supernatural?

Or is there a catch that hadn't yet hatch?

I summon the courage and ask him...  
“What’s the matter Ya-Sahibul-kettle (companion/resident of the lamp)?”

He shudders and goes “you my friend are by far one of the most stalwart, sprung, and love-lashed smart asses around!!”

*puzzled look on my face (with a hidden smirk and a tinge of blush...nigga-blush of course*

“How so?”

“Your answers/wishes my dear lad your answers/wishes!!”

To which I smiled cuz I’ve now confidently proved my hunch!!

I'm sure you have questions and ample kuriosity... Imma just let you ride on it for now... :-D

Or tell u…

His pattern of 'wish-granting' had a hidden meaning and key to it.

Instead of giving you one wish.
He would give you 3 sub-wishes!

To get anyone granted you'd have to concisely yet sincerely, and if possible, passionately describe ONE major wish in 3 sub-wishes.


What did I wish for?


Now time to wake up from this dream this mirage this subconscious illusion…
And pray to my Lord Allah up above to grant me infinite wishes, prayers, and hopes cuz even though He sees and knows all, He loves the servant that seeks from Him and only Him incessantly. (Quran)

For with Him there's no catch
or a sleepy plot to hatch
you just pray and firmly watch
as our dear Allah does the dispatch

Ya Allah... AMEEN!!

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