Tuesday, 21 February 2012

¿our times?

¿our times?

Why is it we've more words than they, back in the day.
Yet we say the least, write even nay.

Every and all is now broken, ebonics, and acronyms
What happened to stoics and grammar mimicking angelic hymns

Why do we seek and covet 'lessening' devices
Yet we lessen naught and end up in vices

We’re so obsessed with time
Whilst all we do is squander it— ALL the time

They say we are more 'connected' than ever in history
Pray thee, please do tell, why bad feeling about this story

Connected to whom, where, for how long, and to what end?
Seems more of dis-connected from reality and down with virtuality—  how do we append?

More fabrics and polymers in different forms and 'sizes'
Yet we dress a size too less and shape all flaw—  for 'eyes'

More recipes. Crops. Hybrid and pure.
Who would believe some drop to eat manure!!?

More schools. Dorms. Libraries. And halls
Yet ignorance is more abound than drops in waterfalls

More partners—  choices
Less smarter—  inner voices

More begets less
and less begets more
Less is less thus tis more (than enough)

Or is it
Less is less and that makes it of more (value).

If I were asked to describe this tense and time

I would term it "Less and less for less in time".
Or simply
"The Illusion of more and forever more (in due time)".

Better yet
why not just
"Our time(s)"?

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© I A Saeed 30.12.11 2:55pm

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