Sunday, 26 February 2012



My procrastination is in a league of its own.
I wonder… “How did I end up this zone?”

I procrastinate about sleeping, call it insomnia
Procrastinate about waking up and call it dysnia

Don’t research/read much- *points index finger* google, wiki, and encyclopedia
Can't put down that gadget and pick up a book- ah curse objectophilia!!

Don’t eat much, I'm not lazy, tis till I’m hungry. Maybe tis that anorexia
Some days, I binge, not diet. I'm no glutton or anything- it’s silly silly bulimia

Late night bottle of water, hiss (thought of the urinal), I’m not a sloth- dysuria?!
The gym? Oh that! I alternate days in nonuniform pattern- *peers reflection* “hmmm hello dystropia”

Hospitals? Despise them… Don’t judge me just yet-
I’m just keeping tabs on my hypochondria

My face and hair are a mess- but guess what? I’ve added 'megalo' to my mania.
In case you're wondering... No! I don’t suffer from MPD or dementia (yet)

Just doused in ‘I-need-to-get-a-life-ia’
Or am I forever drowning is this hereparanoia

Is this how one builds his utopia?
Or is this how one ‘racks up’ a dystopia?

Remind me.
What are we talking about?
Don’t tell me that I’ve just been hit with that I’m-ne-sia!!?

I remember.
Twas “Procrastination-induced paranoia”

(Or is it vice versa?)

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© I A Saeed 02.2012

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