Thursday, 9 February 2012

As with most men...

As with most men,
I'm only strong when there's a need.

The other times we're weak.
Weakest as can be.

But most men can’t handle ‘weakness’.
Thus they create the need.

Thence our sorry state.
Oppression which begets a duo of Attention & Fear.
Subjugation- ‘Respect’!?
Humiliation- Conceit.
Segregation- Elitism
Capitalism- ‘Charity’
Cabal (Politics & Monarchy)- all the above in totality!

As with most men... We have voids to fill.
It doesn’t matter how we desecrate Earth as we till.
We never stop until we get our fill.

Albeit, a bottomless vase is what we clinch.
Thus we guilty as sin.
Putting every all in dire pinch.

All borne out of our 'meek' weak need.

We are men??!

Within me, resides a little boy in awe of what has become of men.
An effigy he once looked forward to becoming!?

Poor lil boy. Poor lil me.

© I A Saeed  04.02.2012

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