Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What is YOUR routine like?

As usual, almost soooo frequently… my mind wanders and wonders…

Last night (by 'last night' I mean 8months 2days 3hrs and 14mins ago) it was to do with how we differ from our counterparts/predecessors- people of old. Our parents. Their parents. And as far back and wide as non-ADHD imagination allows you venture.

Haven’t you ever found yourself either eavesdropping or in the middle of a conversation with people much much older than you where they would be dissing our generation.
Things to do physiological stuff like-

“...your grand dad used to trek from village A to city B… while munching peanuts and never broke a sweat”

“My aunt Q cud cook for 200 people, do the dishes, clean the house, gather the cattle, and still look like a bride.”

“Your dad’s Uncle C could spot a fly’s defective eye from a mile away and tell if he’s about to have an MI (wowo myocardial infarction). But you see you kids of nowadays….”

“All these sweet, starchy, and oily city foods yours are the runt of your pregnancy problems! Ever other girl putting to bed nowadays has to be sliced open..” excerpts of an aunty of mine in

“Back in the days we used to watch our parents go in the farm from the break of dawn till sunset… no one ever complained of back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis , carpal tunnel etc etc. But you kids of nowadays….”

Pun intended and retracted!

Seriously speaking though…
Let’s talk about the subject matter more objectively

What is your routine like?


The people of ‘old’ (in this case an average setting in my hometown)…

I’m sure would just wake up at the crack of dawn, pray, pray, pray, walk round the compound (exercise), eat something (say-no-to-ulcer!), exchange/accept greetings depending on the hierarchy in the household- the kids do the rounds  greeting each and every older person (respect/family values/morals), the adult males would head out to the farm or market (say-no-to-lethargy), the women would do house chores before reclining for a nap or engaging in a trade (no devil’s workshop), the kids would help a little and be off to learn (the mind's a sponge).

Afternoon time- the men, back for some grub and rest; the kids too, only they rest a little help out at home or play play play before getting ready for a different kinda learning- their faith and/or a (family) trade.

By sunset they are all back (men and kids) and the women head out to school to know wassup about them, their families, and their collective duties to God. Before they leave however, they see to it that the kids have taken their fathers’ dinners outside by the mat.

Why outside you may ask?

So that they, their neighbours, and the kids would allllll sit together and eat. Each household brings forth its dish so that there is plentiful variety to go round. Mind you… there is a silent rule though… every husband has to taste his wife’s cooking before exploring others’.

An hour later… it’s a full house! The men’s neighborly sitting is over, the kids are in, and the wives are back.

After a tete-a-tete, the husband goes round his house multitasking while at it…. Asking the kids about school (both of them), testing them a bit (nothing serious or uneasy… just to show he cares), scopes they’re bodies for hidden bruises (because they would be afraid to show-and-tell)- that takes care of the roll call, locks his house, then to his wife… alllllllllllll this by 9.00pm latest!

I ask you-
Why won’t they wake up healthy, focussed, and do it over again?



Wake up early… your mind is clear cuz u certainly had enough sleep (more than the 7-8hrs minimum)
Prayers offered on time and at length- channeling ample faith and contentment. In between there comes enough time to ponder over one’s transgression and repent; fortunes and be thankful.

the adults head out, the kids school, the wives see to it that they have eaten then rest some more, no they don’t work but they do trade…

Afternoon time- a brief break time of a sort, full house again (further bonding time for the whole family), the kids get to recreate before going out again.

Men and kids are back the women head out to deepen their understanding and practice of their faith. The father’s get to mix with their children and neighbours simultaneously, usually there is no distance btw them cuz they would all eat together… that’s how everyone wuodl teach his kid mat-manners (not table.. I know), the parents wud talk about allll sorts of things that the kids wud absorb cuz naturally everyone only spoke of they know or what happened that wud be beneficial to the sitting where other adults of (various endeavours) are present and their respective children. No lies. Just wisdom from relating with the elderly.

Parenting Part2, the wives are back and go on to sort out the house cuz obviousy the kids’ve messed it up, the father does his rounds and checks on everyone and thing, and of course there is the occasional fairy tale or story telling session he or his wife might indulge in with the kids (most especially if they had a late dinner and were sleepy- logical right?)

Use your imagination.

Father/husband figure-
What does he do in summary?

Sees to it that everyone is awake and healthy in the morning then he prays in congregation with his male kids, does a round of the compound (exersize of a sort), exchanges greetings with everyone, goes about his business or profession, comes back for a rest and lunch, gets back to work, closes for the day and sits out for dinner with neighbours and kids. Calls it a night, secures the house, does his final rounds which end up in his (or hers :p) quarters.

You figure

You figure too! I’ve typed enough already… My duty was just to get your mind rolling in a particular direction and on a certain wavelength (wowo reader- just….. *sigh* forget it. ;-p)

Now I say-
Compare and… Oh no wait! Don’t compare- they’re incomparable.
Just evaluate this age and the one(s) before it.

  • The depth they had
  • Strengths of belief
  • Amount of wisdom
  • Family values and morals
  • Their overall health- physical, mental, and spiritual


Keep it in your head and add couple of other people’s around and about you.

Work? Career? Business? Family? Consider it all.

Include weekends and holidays.

Then ask yourself…? What have I been doing… am I doing.. doing doing…

Is it okay? Good? Great? Or NOT?

What am I going to do about it then?

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