Tuesday, 24 January 2012

a mime’s rhyme

If mimes could rhyme
They would make the deaf hear chimes

A mime did rhyme
Made the deaf pity the blind

Cuz all the words in time
Wouldn't have SUCH bind

Like these jingles ringing in this here eyes.

If mimes could rhyme
They'd intertwine
What IS and ISN'T
And pass it off as divine

By skidding and smudging the invisible divide
Signing in cosines
Doth one design so fine!

The threshold broken.
Orgone reborn.

Prayer of the deaf- *ironic silence*

A mime just rhymed.

To see a sound
And feel a rhythm
Surely would astound.
Behold! The gift of the mute raconteur…
Bless the soul of a mime that rhymes for every (poetic) handicap

© I A Saeed 2012


  1. Can a Mime
    make a rhyme?
    Sure a Mime
    can make a rhyme.
    But who would
    hear it?
    (Not the deaf)

    Shirley Smothers

    1. a mime would rhyme
      just that his chime
      is of sight