Saturday, 1 October 2011

Running… From OR To?

What's the worst best part of running?!

*don’t get ahead of me now… Read On*

We all are runners. Absconders. Pursuers. Fugitives. Chasers. Runners.
...Constantly engaged in it too.

The words “from” and “to/towards” are what differentiate us.

Many run away “from”
Whilst others run “to/towards”…
Some place
OR­ Someone.


Again I ask… “What’s the best part of running?”

It may be different for everyone…
The word ‘destination’, be it physical or metaphysical, comes to mind every other time.

Who's who amongst runners?

The Froms’
the Towards'?

The answer lies in d duality of d duo...

It’s… The runner From AND Towards!

His/her speed is unmatched,
Stamina- unrivaled,
Determination- iron,
and will forever be distinguished…
Cuz she/he has identified what to abscond from, why, and how fast
And knows what to charge towards with immense vigor carrying each and every cell of his/hers along.

Are u him/her?
Or just another runner in the ever dynamic and diluted statistics etched in-between the letters
‘L’ ‘I’ ‘F’ ‘E’

Find something worth charging towards… and BOLT!

Identify something cancerous to you and yours… and ZAP!
With that kind of resolve and definitive bearing… even lightening is gonna seem incoherent and dawdling.

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