Thursday, 6 October 2011

'Forgive' me…?!

'Forgive' me…

If I feel what I say
And say what I feel
Keywords: ‘Depth’ and ‘Blunt’
Others… ‘Oratory’ or even ‘Sincerity’.
Some, ‘simply’ call it… Poetry.

'Forgive' me
Because I constantly refuse to conform
to these norms
(and bandwagons)
That are all
but NORM-al!
So… now I’m weird!?
Forgive me.

Forgive me…
For constantly thanking the Lord for
a brain
a mind
and its how-to manual...
The reason why
I'm no one's answering machine.
‘Yes’ and ‘Okay’ are only heard when necessary
Ohkayyy… Now I’m stern?!
Forgive me!?

Forgive me
For ‘appearing’ intelligent
and glowing with enlightenment
Your senses can’t contain it?!
Forgive me

Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.

For having ears that don’t have lids…
So I HAVE to hear you

Eyes, that do
but, chose to stay open
Through the ‘hypocrisy’ of blinking
So I HAVE to see you

These fingers and thumbs for getting scarred and exfoliating…
As I dribble these letters into scribble
Why am I even bothered?
I want to educate you…
On forgiveness
Forgive me.

You’re better off with these fingers…

Trust me!

Cuz my tongue… *hmmm*

My tongue is split and forked,
sizzling hot, titanium tipped,
and a
poison dipped menace
constantly assaulting
MY palate!!?

(think of what it’ll do to you)

*slings it out*

I don’t sting
That’s when everything goes wrong


Forgive me for educating you...
Forgive me for enlightening you...
Forgive me for warning you...

Otherwise I’d be seeking forgiveness from a deformed, mutilated, and poisoned cadaver

We wouldn't want that for me would we?

*flat line*

FORGIVE ME…… for being me…?!
Never knew how to be anything or anyone else!
Just me.
Forgive me?!!?
(I just went ahead and did it, didn’t I?)

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