Monday, 7 November 2011

Solace and daily derisions

If only we sought solace from things, schemes, activities, and people that mattered...
The world wouldn't have a thing called 'problem'. (at least I think and feel that way)

But instead we are here making money for a select few people by purchases of false and temporal leeways- a movie, music, games, social ‘networking’, hanging out, parties...

We are all guilty at certain levels, to different degrees, and at particular times.

But imagine for a second that we turn our faces on bent knees to He that matters AND makes the difference… THEN engage in communiqu├ęs, round tables, discourses, and biz meetings that wud alleviate and ameliorate our predicaments.


We loooooove and dwell on ‘easy street’.
It keeps us busy dont it?!

How are we busy anyway!!?

When we're as lazy as they come??





and surely Sleazy.


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