Sunday, 6 November 2011

Judging... books and people


"...Nor its reader by the book!!" (I add *in my sarcastic voice of course*)

It’s a pity though that many a book hasn't been turned cuz of its cover. (damn those worn out, yet true, clichés)


Eyes like mine glance and gaze over all sortsa books
Mind like mine though, picks what’s in tune with it
Tongue like mine spits what brewed up there
But a nose like mine shares what’s abound
Biased it may surely seem,
But that’s the beauty of ‘know’-ledge and knowing in general.
(You ‘KNOW’ you LeverEDGE)

A thing that...
Catches your sight
Draws your attention
Tickles your fancy
Fiddles your curiosity
Intrigues your psyche
Commands your respect…
(Perhaps sometimes holds you hostage, sometimes.)

Now ain't that a thing of sequence.

Why rush, leap, and bungee jump into an arrogant yet fully blown ignorant ‘conclusion’ on people and things?!?

Beats me.

(between me and you though… I love cold-reading people and situations to the point it comes so naturally that I 'confuse' it with my subconscious mind… :-p #imperfection #human #contradiction)

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