Tuesday, 19 April 2011

ME, MY, I - Vs- ‘World’

Politics. Religion. Ethnicity. Culture. Ethics. Philosophy.

Why the fuck does MY opinion matter (to you)?!

Oh Yes! I said FUCK…
…not to insult or connote annoyance.
Rather... just cuz of 'freedom of speech'.

Which need I expatiate... doesn't give u another leeway or avenue to think you can sum ME, MY religion, tribe, culture parents, etc. up cuz in your 'justifiable' tinkering you may happen to conclude that a couple of jaded stereotypes you've never experienced, on diff axes, firsthand (in order to draw out a reasonable hypothesis) are things that make this up!!
*pointing up and down head and heart- location of the MIND*

I might be Mr. and Mrs. A's son from a particular geographical co-ordinate with certain beliefs and morals and preferences of one material/pseudo material thing over the other  and belonging to a singular faith.... All that doesn't mean I am those things in entirety. *(entirety- total and whole...just so its clear)
All these things...associations of which I’m ashamed to associated with... Cuz of their PURITY and PRESTIGE. 

*what were you thinking?*

Thots in MY head
Premises I make
Conclusions I draw
Duels with MY conscience
Actions I take
Stands I affirm and uphold

Those things are unique to ME and only ME despite having 'manuals' from MY nascency (to adulthood) which I was expected to dogmatically follow... And 'models' to mimic i.e.

I've been doing ME!
Making MY mistakes. Learning from others and the mirror enshrouding this *points to self AGAIN!*.
Carving MY path.
Dilly-dallying, contemplating, and procrastinating about MY all.
Living MY life!
Envisioning MY end.

Nascency to Expiry

For whenever I do or say something that raises your eyebrow, OR turns ur stomach, OR drops your jaw, dilates your pupils, OR gives you the urge to hug Me, kiss Me, OR even straight out KILL Me...

Don’t cast ME amongst any mundane, meek, and insipid statistic, demography, or phylum.

Do ME! NOT the generality.

For this 'I' is MY initial...

and I’m one of a fucking kind!

Be perspicacious…
Use an evenhanded scale to weigh people, circumstances, events, and surely ME, MYSELF, and  MY DUALITY DUEL.

I'm ME.
I’m human. I’m a man. I’m a Father-figure.
I’m an Uncle. I’m a brother. I’m a cousin. I’m a son. I'm a grandson.
I’m a nephew. I’m a friend. I’m a confidante. I’m an Inamorato. I’m a neighbor.
I’m an African. I’m a Nigerian. I’m a Northerner. I’m a Nomad. I’m Fulani. I’m a Muslim.

I’m a lot of things u see…. Why concentrate one aspect then?

*drops pen*

Nb-censored version will be available when i coolu temper... or NOT!

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